A Secret History of Bad Relationships

Have you ever been THAT guy, the one who is only trying to be honest when everybody turns to him to point out the flaws in the system? You’re the one who remembers the office party everybody else wants to forget, down to the details that are all but lost to the ages. You’re there to remind Chuck in Sales & Marketing that numbers are down and click-throughs and conversions are sure to follow, even when Chuck didn’t ask. What? It’s the truth. You’re just putting it out there. Now imagine you simply harbored all this information and people sought you out and analyzed your memories.

LeakedSource is a repository of data relationships gone awry. It has a sad story to tell, as discussed in this recent WIRED piece, but it is also mined by those engaged in studying the weak and vulnerable across the cyberworld to make the same considerably stronger and less vulnerable. Using the office party analogy, how would you know your holiday spirits needed taming if Madge in Accounting hadn’t captured the whole sordid episode from last year on her phone camera. We live and learn, and sometimes we REALLY live and learn.

Mine Your Own Business

Using industry resources and our own portfolio of proprietary problem-solving products and services, ICS can help you learn from mistakes, even if you haven’t made them yet. Our vulnerability assessments can reveal characters lurking at your office party that even Madge can’t see, and we all know that Madge sees everything.

Call ICS today. And Chuck’s holding on Line 2. Something about Las Vegas.

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