Bet Your Bottom Bitcoin

bitcoinImagine owning a slice of the future, like buying an ownership stake in the Internet in the early 1990s or swapping pizza for shares to keep an early Apple startup going and fed. As technology has rapidly advanced, we’ve all missed opportunities, and probably hitched our wagon to a few falling stars as well, all in the name of changing the world and moving the human ball forward.



Bitcoin has remained a part of the conversation for close to seven years now, booming and busting along the way, threatening all the while to change the way we move money around. A brief comeback in price had some speculating the possibility that Bitcoin might finally realize its potential, making the leap from dark side cryptocurrency into the light of mainstream transaction finance and global reserve currency. Then the dust and price settled again.


The Digital Sure Thing


If we can learn anything from Bitcoin, it is that global momentum still swings from a digital fulcrum. Our dependence on cybertechnology — and the unending flood of threats and complications that accompany the fluid easiness that the Internet delivers — will continue to grow unabated for the foreseeable future.


So whether your organization manufactures widgets or moves the needle of public opinion, your digital footprint will require an increasing allocation of resources to move securely into the years ahead. As you plan and budget for 2016, let ICS join your conversation to more thoughtfully consider your network security, your IT staffing needs, and even your business continuity plans.


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