Blue Skies and Fireflies

Businessman using his tablet phone on airplane. Business travel and communication concept.If you have flown lately, you might have noticed a new wrinkle in the use of cell phones in flight. In addition to limiting use to airplane mode on those devices so equipped, the crew currently prohibits the use of or charging of any Samsung Note 7 device at any point while aboard the plane. CNET offers a brief explanation here for why that message has been added to the mix with making sure your tables and seats are in the upright and locked position.


Before you stow your tray table, though, keep in mind that fire is not the only problem worming its way through the cellphone world right now. Keep you belt securely fastened around your waist, for we seem to be encountering rough air.

Because One is Not Enough

Quadrooter is the current nemesis of all pilgrims on the Android platform. As the name suggests, it is a series of four issues, and it targets all players in the Qualcomm universe. Wired reports on the potential threats and steep climb to recovery here.


Chances are pretty good that at least some members of your staff carry Android devices and, as history has shown us, organizational security is only as good as its weakest link. Not only is the malware headed your way, the update process through devices, carriers, and Qualcomm is complex and complicated.

More Airline Analogies

ICS likes to make the complex and complicated simple and manageable. Can we sell you a new phone or guarantee that the one your weakest link is carrying will not hurt you? At this point, probably not. But the rough air seems unlikely to abate any time soon.


What ICS can do is unbuckle your seat belt and allow you to move freely about the cabin. That’s the best part of strong cybersecurity measures, that peace of mind that takes you from coach and moves you to first class.


Fly first class with ICS today. Would you like a glass of champagne?

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