Bold New World

Cybersecurity is approaching oxygen and water on the list of things we need to survive in this crazy world of ours. The threats are very real, whether deployed by governments around the globe or 400-pound hackers in their bed or the window booth at the corner coffee shop. The technology we create to make our lives easier now requires extraordinary vigilance, but it’s not the machines we should fear, as science fiction writers originally thought. The biggest threats seem to be the humans manipulating the good technology for bad purposes, and we can never completely isolate ourselves from them. Or can we?

Bold New Perspective

Threats evolve at roughly the same pace as technology, or maybe it’s the other way around, but we still try to adapt security protocols to match industrial age workflows and architecture. If we keep the bug on the other side of the firewall, we can keep our data on this side. The difficulty is that the same data puts food on the table and caffeine in the veins. Where does the risk/reward analysis offer any insight?

Bold New Year

Ultimately, there is no reward for risking your data. The inevitability of a breach looms in the air like hormones at a frat party. It’s a matter of time until mistakes are made and your data is partying like it’s 1999, a year that marked the end of the Internet’s innocence.

Why not start out the year with a plan? Call ICS and go boldly where other discerning clients have gone before, and build your Enterprise with us. Any more Star Trek allusions would simply be gratuitous.

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