BREXIT and The Unbearable Lightness of Leaving

UK flagYour organization is an island of traditional values and modern technology. Your staff speaks a language that is unique to the industry and has a shop culture that has evolved from the first day you opened for business. You’ve conquered the universe, winning large contracts and making connections that have ushered in waves of revenue and progress. You’ve forged alliances with others in our global economy that strengthen both parties. You’ve faced unruly vendors and cut ties when necessary, and you’ve battled the mighty when compelled to do so, especially when industry momentum was threatened.


And then one day just over half of your organization goes rogue and votes to leave the industry altogether, choosing instead to return to the pure island state you once were and face the rapidly-changing global challenges as a much smaller, stand-alone, but independent organization, forsaking strength in numbers for a robust but unproven organizational pride.


There is turbulence ahead.


Looking Way Out Over the Hood

Even if you are not a developed nation leaving a strategic economic and political alliance, you have potential disasters ahead. Standards established by the Disaster Recovery Institute International guide our time-tested methods of anticipating a natural or political disaster and strategic recovery from damage incurred as a result of such a disaster. Our proven planning protocols enable your business or organization to resume operations at planned levels of service following virtually any interruption. Planning includes:


  • Formalizing a backup and recovery strategy
  • Selecting alternate facilities when necessary
  • Planning for resumed operations at alternate facilities
  • Aligning and communicating with vendors
  • Training staff on all procedures and protocols


Been There, Done That

Already have a plan in place? Nice work. How about a second opinion from an industry leader in this space? ICS recommends that organizations test their plans and readiness at least every three years. Call us today and put us to the test. We’ll make the grade and we won’t leave you stranded on an island to fend for yourself.

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