Camp Songs For IT Professionals

It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy. Fish are jumpin’, and the cotton is high. If you’re lucky, the old memories from summer camp return to the fore, as nostalgia delivers you from the daily stress of network security and constant threats.

He’s Got The Whole World, In His Hands

That old favorite reminds you of lost innocence, because now, everywhere you look, members of your organization are holding their smartphones, connecting to everyone and everything, exposing your network to untold and unimaginable harm.

She’s Got The World Wide Web, In Her Hands

That woman over there? That’s Madge, from accounting. She’s checking Instagram for the latest pictures of her granddaughter, away at camp for the first time. And she recently opened an email on her office computer from an address that looked a lot like one from that same camp, complete with a zip file of pictures of all the kids having great fun. She was confused when she opened the file and there were no pictures, but she’s anxiously waiting for the next email so she can share the pictures with co-workers.

He’s Got Your Network And Your Data, In His Hands

Meet Sven, the new guy from the property management firm that handles the maintenance on your commercial space. He’s got a shirt with a logo on it and a name badge clipped to the pocket and he’s here to fix a wiring issue that was called in, so he must be for real. What’s also real is the malware on the thumb drive that was in that same shirt pocket until it was plugged into the CPU while he was repairing that wiring issue. All fixed now!

We’ve Got Your Whole World In Our Hands

The threats are real and the need for experienced perspective and protection is urgent. Call ICS today and let us do that voodoo that we do, so you can do be do be do what you do. Now everybody, once more with gusto!


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