Cat Stevens: Cybersecurity Hero

Though he now performs under a different name, Cat Stevens once had his finger on the hippy, singer-songwriter pulse in America. Naturally, this made him something of a cyber savant as well. Naturally. It was his early encouragement of software and firmware updates and the direct correlation between those and network security. And he worked all of this early magic into his lyrics. Specifically one line, which suggested that, “The patches make the goodbyes harder still.” Many assumed he was only referring to the blue jeans of our passing youth, faded blue into the sky. But give that joint a rest and read between the lines.

A recent bug called Broadpwn was discovered in a third-party (Broadcom) chip module that helps power iPhone and Android devices. A recent Wired article provides greater detail, all the while encouraging the patch that is now available for all devices. Without the fix, hackers would be able to enlist mobile devices within WiFi access points to go rogue and infect other phones. The end of that little song is the breaching of data and sadness that would make an angst-ridden teenager blush.

And that’s where the genius of Cat Stevens really shines through. In a very real sense, you see, the patch makes it even harder for you to say goodbye to your data, even as the hackers make every effort to free you from it under the glow of WiFi. He was cyber aware before cyber was even created. Genius.


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