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Fridge With A Mind Of Its Own


Well not exactly. Let’s just say the refrigerator may not always be focused on keeping your lettuce crisp. In a recent Express post, Harvey Gavin reports that hackers could seize control of your Samsung refrigerator and use it to mine bitcoin. And it’s not just the fridge. […]

Fridge With A Mind Of Its Own2018-05-16T10:24:03+00:00

The Real Deal


In a recent television interview, FBI Director Chris Wray reflected on Russian hacking into the American power grid and other vital infrastructure. The breach occurred in early March, and Wray didn’t mince words, calling the invasion “the real deal.” First the elections and now the grid? Wait. […]

The Real Deal2018-05-09T15:48:26+00:00

The Dark Side Of Breach Victims


As a part of reconciling interests following a highly publicized breach, victim organizations often apologize with an offer to induce customers to remain or return to the fold. Retailers may reduce prices or offer subscription memberships, while banks may offer credit reporting or monitoring for a year or enhanced rates on accounts. […]

The Dark Side Of Breach Victims2018-04-25T10:31:02+00:00

Stuxnet: The Gift That Keeps On Giving


Remember that time when the Iranian nuclear program was flummoxed by the speeding up or slowing down of their centrifuges? Though the actors have never been formally identified, the special sauce to that enterprise was Stuxnet, and the secret ingredient of that sauce was counterfeit cryptographic certificates from known companies that greased the skids for [...]

Stuxnet: The Gift That Keeps On Giving2018-04-18T10:40:39+00:00

This Is Only A Test


Imagine a scenario in which one of your employees — Madge in accounting, or Skip in sales, for instance — selects an incorrect option from a drop-down menu and opens your network and data to the world. Working with that set of menu options is part of his daily routine, but for some reason the [...]

This Is Only A Test2018-04-11T10:30:47+00:00

Got Your Head In The Clouds?


A recent cloud security report, as you might expect, had some good news and some bad. Somewhere in the middle is the news that’s just that: news. The cases you hear the most about, like the ransomware attacks, make up only about 2% of the overall picture, while web applications represent about 75% of the [...]

Got Your Head In The Clouds?2018-04-04T10:25:36+00:00

The Most Interesting IT Guy In The World


You’ve seen him at conferences, sporting an ascot and a pocket protector and making it look good. He works the vendor pit like he owns the place, collecting cards and envy from everyone he meets, and connecting demand with supply in subtle but glamorous ways. He walks into a seminar like he was walking onto [...]

The Most Interesting IT Guy In The World2018-03-28T10:20:35+00:00

The Cure For What Ails You


History is rife with examples of enterprising salesmen rushing into lucrative markets to fill a void, real or perceived. Contractors and roofers who work the hurricane and tornado circuits, lawyers pitching the massive settlements they’ve secured for their clients, and even gameshow hosts selling reverse mortgages and arthritis balms. Like the Wizard in Oz, when [...]

The Cure For What Ails You2018-03-21T10:20:56+00:00

And They Said Print Was Dead


You are the King of IT, the ruler of all things digital, and your organization offers you unconditional love and admiration for the many hours you put in. You monitor the network, manage passwords, fortify firewalls, educate the staff, and even help their Cousin Joey find an internship with a small security startup. You are [...]

And They Said Print Was Dead2018-03-14T10:25:12+00:00


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