Crazy Cousin Guccifer

Every family’s got at least one, a crazy uncle or distant cousin who adopts a scorched earth perspective when exiting the reservation or joining the circus or moving to Iowa to invest in an earthworm farm. You don’t hear much from them for a while, but the names and stories get opened up at family weddings and funerals, reunions marked by distant sadness and curiosity. Guccifer, aka Marcel Lazar, is a Romanian hacker who may seem new to the family, but his name should sound familiar very soon if not already.

The Election Circus

Regardless of your political affiliation, odds are pretty good that you’ve heard “email scandal” and “Hillary” in the same sentence. The FBI is investigating her use of a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State, a practice also used by Colin Powell and other State Department officials. At question is the alleged security risk faced by the US Government as a result of that practice. And this is where Guccifer comes in because, as Politico is reporting, he is the one currently claiming responsibility for hacking into secondary email servers that revealed Secretary Clinton’s private email address and server.


Ask Hillary

Granted, you are not the US Secretary of State, and you are probably not currently running for President. But you have information on your network that is sensitive and valuable, and there is probably somebody out there trying to access it.


ICS can be the sane relative at the dinner table, the one who speaks truth to power while making sure the power bill gets paid. Why not introduce us to your digital family and let us do a risk assessment? What have you got to lose? Ask Hillary.

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