The Trust Fund of Cybersecurity

What if life offered a financial safety net, an assurance that the path would be relatively smooth, even if things didn’t play out as planned along the way? What if you could set your business up to benefit from such a structure, promoting current-staff stewardship of your network and data while protecting the same assets and opportunities for the next generation? These questions are especially poignant during the annual budgeting process, and they become part of a more holistic planning process for your organization.

A Relationship Built on Trust

We all have digital relationships. Not like eHarmony, necessarily. More like Digital Mingle. The digital world is ever-present. We breathe life into that world through a very specific type of trust, one built through cryptography, a series of public and private keys with which we encrypt and decrypt packets of information. Bitcoin uses the same trust mechanism to move currency anonymously around the globe. We trust the system.

Ghost in the Machine

While we grow increasingly dependent on the system, malicious software is generated at the astounding rate of nine new threats per second, from the very simple to the very complex. The cost of recovering breached records and lost revenue is only going up. Not everyone or everything is entirely trustworthy in the ether.

We Have Seen the Enemy, and He is Us

While malware grows and hackers crawl from their parents’ basement with increasing fervor, we remain our own worst enemy. We should, for example, define access control more proactively within our organizations. Too little and departments become silos. Too much and we invite Wikileaks to the party. As Singer and Friedman suggest, “trust always comes back to human psychology and the decisions used to make explicit risk calculations.”

To help with the human challenges, ICS offers staff augmentation and recruiting services. We also offer risk assessment and vulnerability testing that fit most budgets. With a full menu of cybersecurity services, we build trust by protecting assets.

So call us today, because sometimes the greatest asset is a trusted advisor.

*Singer, P.W. and Allan Friedman, Cybersecurity and Cyberwar, 2014
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