iot2015 was an interesting year for technology, especially the ever-expanding connection between cybersecurity and the Internet of Things. Consider the dangerous possibilities that emerge when we connect devices that have the capacity to take lives, including automobiles and medical devices. The reality when you connect devices for the first time is that you can’t anticipate all of the possible security risks. It’s like dealing with a really bright kid. You can’t think of enough things to tell him NOT to do.

Genies and Bottles

The harsh truth is that reeling the IoT back into submission is unlikely. The greater likelihood is that more and more devices will be connected over time, increasing the threat posed by almost everything around us. Even the seemingly innocuous consumer products like toasters and thermostats will take on a potential malignancy with their connectivity. But if we can’t coax that genie back into the bottle, how can we keep the Wi-Fi-enabled TrackerPoint sniper rifles from joining forces with the Ninja juicers to secure funding through the bank apps and transportation through the car apps and eventually taking over the world?

Is That A Conspiracy Theory You’re Wearing?

ICS can’t stem the tide of IoT, but we can help you determine your risks and plan your path forward. Our audit and assessment services put fresh eyes on your policies and procedures, ensuring your security infrastructure is aligned with your organizational goals and assuring Leadership that IT is on top of things. Even the Internet of Things.

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