Evolution of the IT Guy

It was not that long ago that IT was the young kid who knew how to connect the desktop to the spool printer using the serial cable. Then computers started talking to each other, so the crazy kids had to understand routers and modems, and they ran miles of CAT 5 through the walls and under the floors. Then came servers and websites and metadata, and the growing band of resources became known as the “Folks in IT,” retaining their discrete set of responsibilities that somehow remained separate from the central mission of the organization.

Tangential is the New Black

The interdependence of business and data grows each year as new technologies bring more and more people to the global marketplace through an expanding array of devices. Information is no longer a tiny fiefdom in the marketing department, and technology is no longer the tool that demonstrates the company’s commitment to the modern age. The resources that used to exist in support of the human energy of business have, in many ways, emerged as the tail that wags the corporate dog. To test this theory, take your website down for a week or two and disable the email accounts and smartphones of your team. Suddenly a rotary phone seems high tech.


Brave New World

The palpable connection between business and the technology that drives it is visible in a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, IT has Finally Cracked the C-Suite. The old titles, it seems are giving way to new, more appropriate ones. IT Manager, CTO, and CIO, for example, are expanding to Chief Business Technology Officer. Beyond the semantics, there is a recognition that business and technology are moving each other and that information can no longer be relegated to the kids’ table, that not only are people important to our business, the people in IT are important to our business.


People Who Need People

Many will imagine Streisand or Sinatra singing the words above, but if your organization needs people, you are the luckiest people in the world. Among the many arrows in the ICS quiver is the capacity to augment your existing staff with the right people for the projects or years ahead. As you budget for 2015 in the coming months, let us help you find the people you need, all for a song.

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