Hacking The Weight Off

Most of us could stand to lose a few pounds, and that reality has fueled an entire industry around the latest exercise and fitness gadgets, from watches to fitbands and everything in between. Back in the day, it was heart monitors, but now the world is counting every step and using GPS to track every movement, inspiring friendly competition by data sharing between friends and across platforms. The result may improve our fitness, but it may be sacrificing our safety at the same time.

Security Week is reporting that researchers have been able to track military and intelligence personnel through their fitness app. Several types and brands have shown this vulnerability, and this situation is probably not something that manufacturers could have imagined in the product development phase. The apps are just part of the weakness, since social media and other tools are used to triangulate data and positively identify personnel and movements. Think about the implications, though.
Ground Control To Major Tom
Organizations like yours depend on the perfect match of people and data to grow and prosper, and your staff can’t spend every waking moment in the office. They have lives, they have families, they have fitness objectives. It seems like every day, another piece of our private lives turns out to be threateningly public, so is our better bet simply to remain sedentary and watch our life expectancy plummet?
Perhaps ICS offers a better strategy. We can assess your vulnerabilities and identify steps you can take to increase the longevity of your organization, its physical and digital health. It can be the difference between running with the big dogs or running with your hair on fire. Go with the former and call ICS today.
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