Hillary’s Email and National Security

emailAs Republicans try to make political hay while the sun shines on Hillary’s private email server, another national security issue rears its ugly head from the latest batch of those released emails. The AP reported last month that Russian hackers tried to access Hillary’s private server at least five times while she was secretary of state. The attempts in 2011 were disguised as fake New York State traffic tickets and, if opened, would have embedded malware that would allow foreign nationals to control her server and access all of the information stored there.


Aha! Gotcha!

Before you declare her guilty and let loose the hounds, bear in mind that almost every person with a digital footprint gets spammed each and every day, and word on the street is that the technology used by the state department, like other facets of government infrastructure, dates back to that other Clinton administration. There’s very little to suggest that national security was in greater peril because of the private server. It might have even been more secure.

Spam: It’s Not Just for Lunch Anymore

Any network is subject to spam, malware, and potential breach. It’s a nasty side effect of global connectivity. Your organization is not immune, but you can immunize against digital infections and viruses that lead to chaos.

ICS is the vaccine, the shot in the arm that keeps your organization safe. We use Penetration Testing strategies, both internal and external, to assess vulnerabilities and identify potential weaknesses. Ethical hackers, the good guys, try to crack your code so the bad guys don’t.

Call ICS today and roll up your sleeve. This won’t hurt a bit. Unlike a breach. That’s real pain.

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