Introverted Social Media

Even if we could isolate the recent activity of Russian hackers, imagine a mainstream marketplace for nefarious services provided by invisible people paid in Bitcoin.The information you seek is mined from the personal profiles and accounts of your target audience, whether that audience is a cheating spouse or a rebellious teenager with a hidden social media presence. It’s a complete violation of privacy, and we feed our own vulnerability with every trace of our digital footprint.

Mind Your Own Business

Drilling down into your son or daughter’s social media platform might not pose an immediate threat to your organization’s well-being, and the philandering tendencies of staff members on their own time is, in a purely legal sense, none of your business. That is, of course, until it is.

While a hacker may penetrate your network with the original intent of migrating the email history of one employee, once your network has been penetrated there are few limits to the havoc that can follow. All to explore suspected marital infidelity.

Plant a Flag and Post a Guard

You can never hope to manage all the moving parts of your organization, social engineering only adds to the threat. It’s also impossible to anticipate exact points of vulnerability without a thorough assessment of, among other things, your security protocols and procedures, network infrastructure, and application exposure. It can seem overwhelming, but don’t give up.

ICS uses industry-leading technologies to audit and assess your security program. Where weaknesses are discovered, we can further assess the vulnerability of your network infrastructure and, using ethical hackers, attempt an attack on the identified vulnerabilities.

Plant your flag. Call ICS. We’ll post a guard. It’s what we do.

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