Jackware In The Box

carjackFans of this blog — and let’s be honest, who isn’t a fan? — will recall a recent post that detailed the carjacking of a Jeep Cherokee from several miles away. It was an effort to demonstrate the security vulnerability of cars equipped with wireless access points and other IoT equipment. And it worked. Cars were recalled, security issues were addressed, and we now have an additional lens through which to view rapidly advancing car technology. But what if the car is advancing beyond us, the drivers?


In a recent blog post, Stephen Cobb asks some important questions about automated cars and equipment. Not if, but when these cars hit the road, it’s a matter of time, as Cobb points out, until these cars are hacked and held for ransom. This is a vulnerability you discover when you are locked out of your car in the rain or, worse yet, locked in your car in the heat. Manipulation of your car’s network-enabled mechanisms and GPS systems will be enabled through Jackware, and that is something to consider.


Drive It Like You Stole It

The same inevitability applies to your organization, even if it’s not automated. It has drivers, and one of them is you. Before you let some hacker take control of your network and your hard-earned data, you need to call ICS. We’re like the NASCAR of cybersecurity, with a winning track record that would make the Earnhardt family blush. While some argue that there’s only so much you can do in the face of cyberthreats, the best bet is to do all of that and more.


Call ICS today and get on into that winner’s circle and drink that milk. Yes, those are champagne corks you hear in the background. Shake and Bake!


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