Left To Your Own Devices

byodTo facilitate the easy flow of data and ease the maintenance and setup burden of IT teams, many organizations have been moving toward BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device. The policies and practices surrounding BYOD are difficult to navigate, especially with the ever-increasing footprint of the Internet of Things. In the face of expansion, though, and the reality that all of your employees now have personal devices, limiting access to company laptops and desktops, while infinitely more secure, seems downright parochial. As an IT professional, though, the safety and security of the data is paramount.

Right Path To Liberating Your Data

The heart wants what the heart wants, and the IT folks want all the data to stay within the VPN and the firewall. It’s not Shakespeare, but it articulates a clear tension between those who need ready access to data to move the organizational ball forward and those who work hard every day to anticipate threats and thwart breaches. (Isn’t thwart a great word?)

Perhaps there is middle ground between the heart and the head on this one. If there is, ICS can help your organization find that ground and cultivate the soil for growth and security. And BYOD is just the latest of the IT quandaries that you wrestle with daily. Wouldn’t it help to have another set of eyes, ears, and brain cells on the team?

ICS is pure genius when it comes to cybersecurity solutions. So maybe you need to BYOGenius to this BYOD issue. Call ASAP and we’ll be there PDQ.

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