+ CyberSecurity Solutions

Audit and Assessment

Our IT Audit and Assessment services provide you with independent, unbiased assessment of your security program, policies,and controls to align with your organization’s objectives. Read More

Business Continuity Planning

Effective Business Continuity Planning will help ensure the security of your staff, visitors, and operations in the event of a crisis. In just 60 days, ICS will have your organization prepared to continue operations in virtually any unplanned event – from a minor interruption to a major disaster. Read More

Business Continuity Plan Testing

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) testing will help validate your existing BCP/COOP plan to ensure the security of your staff, visitors, and operations in the event of a crisis. Read More

Code Review

ICS is available for code review projects with the goal of identifying security issues and weaknesses in the applications’ coding. We are able to conduct a systematic review of applications in scope for code review, which can include in excess of 1,000,000 lines of code. Read More

Disaster Recovery Plan Testing

Would your organization be able to continue critical business functions following a significant unplanned disaster? Disaster Recovery Planning allows an organization to establish steps to continue operation at planned levels of service, despite events or interruptions. Read More

Disaster Recovery Planning

Would an unexpected natural disaster or political event shut down operations entirely? Disaster Recovery Planning allows an organization to establish steps to continue operation at planned levels of service, despite events or interruptions. Read More


ICS offers forensic services to discover, analyze and document information in both proactive and reactive forensic circumstances. Many of our clients have found this service to be vital during personnel action, court order, civil action, and incident response situations. Read More

Incident Response (Post-Event)

In the event of an information security emergency, the ICS Incident Response team will step in to help your organization identify the source of the compromise, preserve critical information, and prevent the spread of contamination or unauthorized access to other systems and networks. Read More

Incident Response Planning

ICS offers incident response planning services that will allow your organization to have a clearly defined response plan and policies in place should a cyber incident occur. Read More

Penetration Testing (Pen Testing)

Penetration testing is often referred to as ethical hacking. Our certified ethical hackers take the basic vulnerability assessment a step further, verifying the findings of the vulnerability assessment and the impact a breach could have in your external and internal networks. Read More

Policy Development

Well-established IT policies can help ensure an optimal network environment in which data is stable, secure, and available. Effective IT policies can also help ensure operations continue under adverse situations, such as a natural disaster or other unplanned event. Read More

Risk Assessment

Our Risk Assessment model delivers both quantitative and qualitative measures of organizational risk, allowing you to optimize your security spend and efficiently allocate resources to maximize business value. Read More

Vulnerability Assessment

You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken, and it is impossible to ensure the security of your network without a clear picture of its strengths and its weaknesses. Regularly scheduled vulnerability assessments are an uncomplicated way to uncover potential hazards. Read More

Web Application Assessment

Chances are good that just about every department within your organization is using web apps daily for standard business functions. While the benefits of these apps are many, they also bring with them hazards for which you should be prepared. Read More

+ Technology Consulting Solutions

Executive Strategic Support

An organization that is facing the departure of a top executive is vulnerable in many ways, but yours does not have to be. ICS offers strategic executive staffing that will give your organization the support it needs to help ensure a smooth transition. Read More

Network Design/Planning

Having a well-designed enterprise network architecture can greatly improve organizational workflow, while allowing for future growth. ICS can offer guidance in the Network Design and Planning phase that will help ensure your network is built to last. Read More

Vendor & Technology Evaluation

ICS technology consultants conduct in-depth reviews, vendor evaluations and product testing to ensure that the hardware, software, and service-based solutions we recommended will perform to your specifications. ICS also saves you money by negotiating with vendors to get you the most competitive rates for the products and services your organization needs. Read More

+ Application Service Solutions

Application Development

ICS has the ability to design and implement custom applications and enhance legacy applications for commercial, public sector, and federal clients to help your organization enhance business processes and increase operational efficiency. Read More

Application Maintenance and Support

Is your IT team bogged down with application sustainment activities, leaving little time for activities that drive the business forward? Do you lack the internal resources to efficiently implement changes to your custom apps? It may be time to contact ICS. Read More

Legacy Modernization

ICS understands the challenges that can come with taking old applications to new platforms, and we offer software automated solutions that can significantly reduce both the time and budget needed to achieve the results you expect. Read More

+ Staff Recruitment and Augmentation Solutions

Staff Augmentation

ICS can supply your organization with the flexibility and expertise necessary to meet even the most complex project and business goals. Our information technology and security consultants offer practical and affordable staff augmentation for both long and short term assignments. Read More

Staff Recruitment

Clients across the United States depend on Integrated Computer Solutions for information technology search services. ICS delivers only top-quality, highly-trained candidates to your organization in as little as ten business days. Read More

ICS is a proven, valuable partner in the battle to keep your business secure and operating at peak productivity. At one time, information security was as simple as a unique ID and the watchful guard of the onsite operations team. But the threats your organization faces today are unseen and uncontained, and increased complexities of e-business present challenges unmatched at any previous point in time. Many of the costs associated with information operations and information security can be reduced simply by taking a systematic and proactive approach, and working with qualified professionals that are security-focused and business-minded.

The ability to anticipate change and respond proactively is no longer simply an option. It’s a requirement. That’s why you need a partner like ICS. ICS is unique in its market because we not only have an established track record of providing enterprise technology and security services to commercial clients, but we also have a foundation in service of the United States Department of Defense. Let us put our experience to work for you. Contact us to learn more.

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