The Business Side Of Cyberthreats

The Wall Street Journal is not a publication prone to hyperbole, so a recent headline in the May 18th Business & Finance section screamed for attention. “Cyberthreats Breed Deep Unease” was the title of the article. The media would have us believe that all the really bad things seem to happen to multinationals or political parties. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Or perhaps “breed” in the context of the article suggests, further, that because our vulnerabilities are continually exposed, WannaCry somehow led to the latest attack, Adylkuzz, despite the difference in exploit function. (The former shuts down computers for a ransom while the latter “slows systems down as it quietly steals processing power to generate a digital currency called monero.”) Both seem to have resulted from the efforts of the Shadow Brokers to leverage stolen software from the NSA, but it is our vulnerabilities that make them marketable.

Deep is also troubling, as in “Deep Unease.” The article suggests that “Corporate security spending is expected to hit $90 billion this year,” and quotes Edward Amoroso, former security chief at AT&T, asserting that 2017 will be a turning point. “If your employees are coming in and they can’t work, that’s a big deal.” We couldn’t agree more.

Taking Care of Business

What would happen if your employees couldn’t work? Are you experiencing a deep unease about the security of your network and data?

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