The Golden Age of Cyber

zerodaysHave you ever been watching an action/adventure film and noticed the lag in technology? Like Tom Cruise suspended above a top-secret console pulling a floppy disc from his bag of tricks, or some other actor who knows nothing about cybersecurity delivering well-scripted lines that ring hollow? Maybe, generations from now, people will look back at our current relationship with the digital world with the same wonder with which we view science fiction. 2084 may make 1984 look quaint and anachronistic, but shouldn’t popular culture facilitate the general public’s understanding of the risks in the ether? Shouldn’t Hollywood do a better job of revealing cybersecurity experts to be the rock stars that you are? Am I right?

The Studs of Stux

While it is unlikely to wrest any Academy Awards from the hands of Brad Pitt or Jennifer Lawrence, a little movie has ventured onto the scene that explores the background and execution of StuxNet. You remember StuxNet, don’t you? The little engine of malware with a payload that crippled the Iranian nuclear program for a while. The world is still trying to figure out what happened there, and no nation states have stepped forward to officially claim the effort, but there is a sense that those in the know know those in the know, if you know what I mean. And the beauty of the movie is the documentary format, so the stars are the rock stars of cybersecurity, not pop stars with faked accents and limited information.


Zero Days is the name of the documentary, and it may be worth watching if only for the general affirmation offered by a theater full of people captivated by what you do every day.


But ICS is not in the movie business. We are in the business of helping you secure your network and data from forces that we can sometimes only imagine. We elevate your game to epic proportions and help your organization rise to the secure stardom it deserves.


Let ICS help you step into the light. Are you ready for your close-up?

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