The Imperfect Storm

There’s a storm brewing, potential chaos lurking in the wings. And I’m not talking about politics. Though, if we’re being honest, there’s a storm brewing there, too. We can argue cause and effect, but the world is changing in palpable ways, probably more rapidly than we imagine.

Data Lets Us See More

Technology also evolves at breakneck speed, and we use emerging systems to interpret and predict changes in both climate and weather. We measure rising tides globally and send airplanes into hurricanes, but these efforts don’t keep those things from happening. We collect lots of data with every storm, flood, fire, hurricane, and tornado. We face the elements head on and rummage through the debris to piece our lives, home, and businesses back together. But there’s a better way.

Calm In The Face Of Chaos

Protecting your data and systems infrastructure from the increasingly unpredictable wrath of the elements requires more than 72 hours notice and plywood screwed to the windows. ICS utilizes time-tested methods based on the standards established by the Disaster Recovery Institute International. To these industry standard best practices we add our own processes to customize a plan that includes backup and recovery, alternate facilities, vendor alignment, knowledge transfer, staff training, and recovery plan testing.

Your disaster recovery becomes organized simplicity in the face of utter chaos. ICS will keep your boat afloat while you swim serenely with the sharks. Snorkel and fins sold separately.

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