The Plot Thickens

If you got hacked, would it make you feel better or worse if the hacker left his fingerprints at the scene? What if you were a national political party? As it turns out, there is speculation that the hacker who breached the DNC — on behalf of Putin, he contends — left his passport and visa number buried in a file embedded in the code, so that he could later prove he did it and why.

Now, in case you just woke from a coma, there’s an investigation underway on several fronts and with varying degrees of enthusiasm attempting to surmise the intentions and effects of Russian efforts to sow chaos in 2016. Maybe you’ve heard of it. If so, the fingerprints left by Konstantin Kozlovsky, as reported by Newsweek and others, puts a wrinkle in the story that is interesting if not yet compelling.

What About The Rest Of Us?

If your consulting business is hacked, or your organization’s network is breached and your data is held for ransom, an official investigation is unlikely, and the DoJ is even less likely to appoint a special prosecutor to follow the money. Still, you want somebody to get to the bottom of things and help you avoid unwanted penetrations in the future.

ICS offers a full portfolio of services to help you assess your risks, identify vulnerabilities, and establish policies that keep you safe from cyberthreats. Your network and data deserve that level of protection, and we want our fingerprints all over that. So do you, so call ICS today.

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