The Semantics Of Passwords

One of the hallmarks of successful cybersecurity is an organization’s ability to protect its assets while making them fully available to staff. The right people accessing the right data and moving the human ball forward. That’s the stuff dreams are made of. A key ingredient to that stuff is a mechanism that encourages and requires robust passwords at the consumer level. Not the general consumer, of course, but the staff who consumes your data in order to help your business thrive.


To help this effort, password keepers have emerged in great number. Competition often brings out the best in folks, so marketing can get pretty clever. Consider this recent video by LastPass, a cheeky account of password trolls behind the screens. Clever, indeed, especially in an industry still searching for its outwardly funny side.


Biblical Cybersecurity


As Matthew might’ve said, “What does it profit a man if he builds an amazing cyber fortress to protect his global data, but loses it all because Madge in accounting prefers to use her cat’s name as a password.” That may be a loos paraphrase, but you get the point. Your network is only as safe as your weakest link.


Among the commandments for enhancing your cybersecurity, three should be written in stone.

  1. Establish a robust password protocol and train all employees on its importance.
  2. Have Madge change her cat’s name to Hg89&5#66Yse4.
  3. Call ICS as soon as possible to begin strengthening your organization’s cybersecurity.


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