The Smaller They Are, The Harder They Fall

While the media streams constantly with news of big-name breaches that threaten the global economy to the core, an even more significant story grows on the outer banks of public awareness. Sure, the big banks and retailers have lots of data to steal, but they also have the resources to protect their networks. The same is not always true of smaller enterprises. Perhaps in recognition of this, ransomware attacks on small businesses are increasing in greater numbers than their Goliath counterparts, according to Small Business Trends.

Ransomware is an especially cruel exploit to deploy on a small business, because the math works against you in a myriad of ways. The data held for ransom is often more vital to a growing concern, and the ransom itself is often more difficult to raise, making the quandary all the more palpable. As always, the ransomers know the threshold for pain, and they price the recovery at just below that point. Small businesses that have no backup strategies or disaster recovery plans are especially vulnerable.

The Risk – Reward Of Cybersecurity Investment

With cyberthreats increasing, small businesses can no longer self-insure their network and data. The risk of ransomware alone stands to debilitate even the smallest of businesses, leaving few options but to pay the ransom and hope for the best.

The reward of working with the professionals of ICS is the peace of mind that comes from a sound investment in your organization’s future. Because without steady vigilance and protection of your digital assets, your organization may not have a future.

Call ICS today, for a better tomorrow.

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