Tom Cruise: IT Specialist

IT Security looms large on the world stage. Cyber attacks on commercial and governmental concerns make almost daily appearances in the media. The importance of securing networks and data cannot be overstated, but cyber security suffers a paralyzing lack of star power, a desperate dearth of the glitz and glamour that might elevate our status. Here at ICS, we’ve decided to hitch our wagon to a star.

Enter Tom Cruise as our unsolicited, uncompensated, uninvolved, involuntary, and imaginary spokesperson. His movie roles have been diverse, action-packed, and compelling, and these characters are the faces of our portfolio of services. Dim the house lights and roll the film.

Forensic Services:

In a recent release, Jack Reacher comes from off the grid to see truths that others don’t and right wrongs that others can’t. ICS can offer the same objective analysis of your network and data infrastructure to uncover the problems others don’t see. We see into the past to protect your future. And then take a bus.

Legacy Modernization:

Your organization is running dated applications despite vendor notices that they no longer support those applications or versions. You know the dangers are there but you don’t want to see them, choosing instead to look at the future with Eyes Wide Shut. ICS can offer the wisdom and guidance necessary to navigate the tricky waters of modernizing. Nicole Kidman not included.

Risk Assessment:

Raise your hand if you saw this one coming. In his break out role, Tom drove the Porsche into Lake Michigan and established a Risky Business in the Chicago suburbs to cover the repair. ICS can evaluate your network, data, even your code and applications, and identify risks and vulnerabilities that need to be addressed before your parents get home. It’s the sort of freedom that drives you to sing and dance in your underwear as you slide across the hardwood floor. ICS: there is no substitute.

Popcorn, Anyone?

Tom Cruise as the face of ICS has blown your mind. Am I right? So while I load the next reel onto the projector, I encourage you to visit the ICS concession stand to get a taste of all the services we offer. Tom’s signing autographs in the lobby and there are more highlights to come. So don’t miss the sequel. We’ll blink the house lights for you.

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