turkeyWelcome to the Tweener, that brief window of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, when shopping reaches a fevered pitch, tensions run high, and Jim from Sales makes his way back to his office from seven months on the golf course to close deals before year end. Ho, Ho, Holy Cow, what a year it’s been.

Around the IT water cooler, the talk inevitably turns to the cool new gadgets that impress the mortals and blow the minds of Luddites everywhere. This year the talk is all about Artificial Intelligence and the need to more efficiently sell shoes. IT folks are way too immersed in AI to get bogged down in practical application, but Marketing and Sales are all over it. Except for Jim. He’s looking for his pencil.

A Red Suit With High-Tech Bling

Retailers are using AI to help online shoppers navigate the maze of colors and choice. Specifically, the Wall Street Journal reports, a shoe retailer is offering a visual filter that uses AI to guide a buyer from start to finish, concept to shipping.

And if having a ghost in the machine assist in your decision making is not enough, Wired reports that Google is now seamlessly integrating apps and content into their search process, skipping the necessity of downloading and moving straight ahead to the point of sale. Think of it as thoughtful gifting, without the required thought.

The Good News?

These developments should excite the IT guru in you. This is the brave new world that you can see coming from a mile away, the world that others barely see through squinted eyes. Another part of you, though, the one responsible for network security and proprietary data, wonders if the news is all good.

ICS can help. We bring industry experience and authentic intelligence to bear on these questions. Nothing artificial and no preservatives. Just a healthy dose of security and peace of mind.

Call ICS today, and let’s get this office party started! But this year, let’s keep Jim away from the punch. Please.