Cyber MondayCyber Monday. The masterful creation of marketing professionals, designed to tap your wallet before the turkey and dressing settle in your tummy. Think of the sheer volume of sensitive consumer information that wafted through the ether on that day, searching out bargains and tantalizing hackers. Imagine the millions of people walking through a big mall with their purses and wallets wide open and you begin to get the picture. But who doesn’t love a deal? And in today’s digital, global, Internet-of-Things, consumption-driven economy, who are we to argue with the ease with which we transact? Apparently 2016 set a new record for cyber-grab. Go team!


The Target Audience

Retailers have been eerily quiet about the cyber-penetration over the holiday shopping weekend. Maybe the target-rich environment of the election cycle has distracted them, but hackers seem almost to be entering your favorite retailers through the front door for a change. Is it the quiet before the storm? Have our favorite retailers been compromised and we just haven’t heard yet? And you thought Uncle Irving’s fondness for brandy and bad holiday jokes was something to worry about (and it probably is).


A Perfect Holiday Solution

As you join the masses this year, spreading holiday cheer in ones and zeros before the sale prices expire, think about the ultimate destination and safety of your personal data. If you think twice, and you should, ask yourself if your organization is doing all it can to protect your network and data. Then call ICS and let us help you answer that last question. Together we can change the big event to Cyber Security Monday. Now that’s a marketing campaign that makes our pocket protectors flutter with anticipation.