When Cybersecurity Is Mainstream

Let’s face it. Most IT Departments feel undervalued or ignored. Like lawyers, you try to avoid them at cocktail parties until you need one. At least that’s the way it was in the old days, like back in 2015 or so. With the ever-advancing wave of cyberthreats and our reluctance to reduce the epic size of our digital footprints, cybersecurity is entering the mainstream in new and surprising ways. Consider a long but thorough examination of the current state of cybersecurity in, of all places, The New Yorker. Known more for it’s insights into western philosophy and the Upper Easy Side, even The New Yorker has recognized the growing ubiquitousness of cyberthreats. Have you?

The Highlight Reel


In his examination, John Seabrook interviews lots of those in the know, and here are a few of the takeaways. Even with the scaled up FBI and Cyber Command and other national agencies at work, experts are seeing only the tip of the iceberg. Political hacktivists and other state-sanctioned actors are making off with the largest cache of intellectual property in human history. Attacks on US infrastructure are increasing, and many suspect that future wars will commence or conclude with concerted attacks of that nature. The evolution of technology from computers to mobile devices will only exacerbate the threats. Corporate IT staff and security teams can’t keep up with the demand, and morale is in decline.


And Your Point Is?


The threat is larger and more pervasive every day, so take two steps. First, read the piece in The New Yorker. Second, call ICS. We have a highlight reel, too. Let’s put it to work protecting your network and your organization.
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