You Will Save the World Several Times Today

This one goes our to all of the IT professionals our there sporting haute pocket protectors filled with government pens and .5mm mechanical pencils; the troops at the front lines of cybersecurity where the CAT 5 clicks into the road, and the hum and warmth of the server room gives indication to the heat and fire of network significance. You were the heroes of calculus and band camp, but your swagger has been under-appreciated by popular culture for years. That is until now.


Take a look out of your office window. Okay, so you don’t have a window. Let’s use that weapons-grade imagination you’re hiding behind those Foster Grants. Now imagine a young patron, sitting in the window of the coffee shop across the street, sipping a latte and giving full concentration to the laptop on the table, oblivious to the quiet presence in the dark corner whose nonchalance seems a little premeditated.


You know a threat when you see one, so you swoop in, save the day, get the girl (or guy), rid the coffee shop of lingering malware, and resolve every global issue except for that incessant ringing. You’re straightening your cape when you realize the phone on your cramped desk is ringing again. You pick it up to hear Madge from accounting asking yet another question about WIFI access in the break room.


It’s not Hollywood, it’s Tuesday. And you will save the world several times today. Walk with pride if not superpowers.


The weakest link

As more and more consumers tread heavily upon their digital footprints, we become individually and collectively more vulnerable. Organizations like yours can never be too careful. Your security infrastructure is only as strong as its weakest link, in your office or the coffee shop across the street.


ICS can help you fortify the weak links and strengthen the ones you view as bullet-proof. When you think organizational security, remember, you can’t spell security without ICS.

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