Each Year, ICS hosts a charity tournament to support AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association) Educational Scholarship Foundation. AFCEA is an independent non-profit tax-exempt public charity dedicated to the following:
  • Providing educational incentives, opportunities, and assistance for people engaged in information management communications and intelligence efforts and fostering excellence in education particularly in the “hard science” disciplines.
  • Supporting development of engineers and technical personnel through selective motivational awards, prizes and scholarships, grants for educational activities of unique and high value and professional educational programs.
  • Individuals do not have to be affiliated with the Armed Forces in order to apply for a scholarship through this Foundation.
  • Find more information on AFCEA Scholarship Foundation at www.afcea.org/education/scholarships

Being a sponsor at this year’s event allows you to be a part of helping an individual achieve their dreams through financial assistance.  There are various levels of sponsorship.  We are expecting a successful and well-attended tournament this year and would greatly appreciate your consideration in being a co-sponsor with ICS for this event.

For more information, contact Rachel Rodgers at Rachel.rodgers@icsinc.com or by phone at 334-270-2892.