Project Description


Would your organization be able to continue critical business functions following a significant unplanned disaster? Or would an unexpected natural disaster or political event shut down operations entirely? Disaster Recovery Planning allows an organization to establish steps to continue operation at planned levels of service, despite events or interruptions.

Today’s political and environmental climate requires that an organization be prepared for just about anything. ICS utilizes time tested Disaster Recovery Planning methods based on the standards established by the Disaster Recovery Institute International. We combine these industry standard best practices with our own proven proprietary processes in Disaster Recovery Planning to allow business operations to resume following virtually any unplanned event, whether natural or man-caused.

Services Include:

  • Strategic Recovery Planning/Development
  • Backup and Recovery Strategy
  • Selection of Alternate Facilities
  • Alternate Site Operations Planning
  • Vendor Alignment
  • Knowledge Transfer/Staff Training

Let ICS help your organization mitigate financial, physical and operational risk through the development of a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan. For organizations with existing BC and DR plans, experts recommend that an organization test their plans every year and update them every three years. ICS will save you time and money by  reviewing your organization’s current strategies, documentation and plan readiness. We evaluate these based on industry standards and best practices and recommend improvements to help ensure successful continued operations in the face of an unexpected crisis. Contact us today to get started.