Project Description


An organization that is facing the departure of a top executive is vulnerable in many ways, but yours does not have to be. ICS offers strategic executive staffing that will give your organization the support it needs to help ensure a smooth transition.

With ICS executive staffing support, your organization has access to interim executive staffing for roles such as Chief Security Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Operations Officer, and other key positions. These roles can be filled on-site or in a virtual capacity, providing your organization with the surge capacity for projects, a consistent focus on strategic initiatives, flexible budgetary control, and adaptability to changes in priorities.

Additionally, many organizations need the expertise of a CISO, CIO, or IT Security expert but may not need someone 40 hours a week.  ICS can help.  ICS’s experts will work with your organization to provide the level of support your organization needs from 10 hours to 40 hours a week.  This unique solution enables your organization to enjoy all the benefits of a highly qualified CISO, CIO, etc. without the expense of a full-time resource.