Project Description


There are typically five cloud migration approaches for legacy applications: Rehost (life and shift), Revise (utilize managed cloud services where possible), Rearchitect (heavy use of cloud-native features), Rebuild (start from scratch) and Replace (with SaaS).

When you have an entire portfolio of legacy applications, the question of “how you do it” will vary for each, and it is important to have the right framework for making decisions that are laden with financial and technological risk.

For example, to gain the full transformational benefits of cloud computing – scalability, resilience and financial – the only approach is to rearchitect the application. For other migration options, however, it is important to assess and prioritize each application individually to identify the exact areas that need to change, and to what degree. There are numerous considerations in each scenario, including security, resiliency, state management, dependency management, data persistence, integration management, administration and more – all of which are impacted based on your organization’s cloud migration goals. Is your focus to limit operating costs? Scale elastically? Leverage existing investments or preserve capital? Deliver new capabilities? Integrate solutions? Enhance security and access management? Redundancy and Availability? Decoupling tight interdependencies? There is a lot to consider outside of just the cost factors.

Companies facing these battles need a partner that has “been there, done that” with repeated excellence. Our holistic approach uncovers the complex interdependencies between your organization’s goals and the realities hiding within your legacy application portfolio and charts a path forward in an efficient manner that avoids the pitfalls other vendors fall into.

Why? Because we’ve “Been there, done that” – including for some of our nation’s most mission-critical applications migrating to multiple-cloud, hybrid environments.

Don’t be in danger of missing the cloud-migration train. There are massive benefits to be had – if you have the right partner.