Project Description


ICS technology consultants conduct in-depth reviews, vendor evaluations, and product testing to ensure that the hardware, software, and service-based solutions we recommended will perform to your specifications. ICS also saves you money by negotiating with vendors to get you the most competitive rates for the products and services your organization needs.

Vendor and Technology Evaluation Process

  • Requirements Definition Phase: During the first phase of the vendor and technology evaluation process, ICS will conduct an in-depth review of your organization’s needs, which will enable us to facilitate the most appropriate hardware, software, or service-based solutions.
  • Market Scan Phase: Phase two is the market scan phase. We will compile a list of available solutions/products that meet your needs and will begin pricing negotiation on your behalf. Once a vendor is chosen, we will begin the pilot test phase.
  • Pilot Test Phase: The pilot test phase allows us to test the most viable product(s) for your needs before they are implemented in the live environment. This helps ensure all potential problems or glitches are identified and resolved prior to deployment.
  • Implementation Phase: In the implementation phase, ICS is available to install and deploy the selected technologies into your network environment. We will conduct knowledge transfer, so your staff will have a full understanding of the products and any required maintenance plans.

ICS makes network security less complicated—and less expensive—by tailoring a program of security hardware and software solutions to meet the specific needs of your information infrastructure.