Risk Assessment: What is it and why does my organization need it?


Consider a Risk Assessment like checking the doors and windows on your network. With all of the confidential corporate and customer information in your database, you would never consider leaving those doors and windows open. But beyond the entryways that are easy to see, are there other access points that are not so obvious? Is [...]

Risk Assessment: What is it and why does my organization need it?2014-01-18T11:32:50+00:00

Penetration Testing Demystified


If you’ve been considering the various technical security assessments available to your organization, then chances are good you’ve heard of a Penetration Test, but do you know whether you need an internal or an external penetration test? How often should these tests be scheduled? What can you expect the test to find? […]

Penetration Testing Demystified2014-01-10T11:32:20+00:00

Qualifying a Business Contiunity Planning Firm


When searching for the right Business Continuity Planning (BCP) firm, there are several important factors that should be taken into consideration–not the least of which are location, experience, and support structure. It is important to know that the expectations of your organization will be met, if not exceeded, and that the firm will educate you [...]

Qualifying a Business Contiunity Planning Firm2013-12-15T11:36:11+00:00

Choosing the Right Security Assessment


Navigating the various types of Security Assessments and selecting an IT security service provider can be a daunting task; however, it does not have to be. Understanding the available services and defining your organization’s needs at the beginning can help you get started on the right foot, which will ultimately save both time and money. [...]

Choosing the Right Security Assessment2013-12-08T11:40:23+00:00


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