Budgeting For A Breach


There is a heightened national awareness of the pervasive nature of cyberthreats in our world. Just as important, though, is heightened awareness at the local level, in the minds and eyes of the small business and independent government contractor. The risk for them, for you, is just as real if not as heavily funded. [...]

Budgeting For A Breach2017-12-20T09:48:33+00:00

Tied Up And Held For Ransom


If somebody stole to most important artifacts of your life or your business, how much would you pay to get all of that back? And if the price was so low, on a relative scale, that you could minimize the effects of the intrusion, would you act quickly? Chances are, you answered yes to both, [...]

Tied Up And Held For Ransom2017-06-28T21:04:29+00:00

Malware Reaches Disapproval Rating of U.S. Congress


It has been reported that nearly 74,000 new viruses or strains were created every day of 2013. Every day. Granted, most of these are readily eliminated or mitigated by antivirus software and proper digital hygiene, but the fact remains that every day new threats emerge, with lessons learned from the previous day’s failures, ready to [...]

Malware Reaches Disapproval Rating of U.S. Congress2014-08-01T08:59:10+00:00

Breach is a Heartbeat Away


OpenSSL, the vehicle through which the Secure Sockets Layer protocol protects most websites that encrypt data, has reminded us again of both the vulnerability and security of open source development. The Heartbleed bug, an accidental code addition about two years ago, exploits the heartbeat option within OpenSSL, a mechanism that allows fluid connectivity between user [...]

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