Freelance Into The Future?


There is post-war, post-modern, post-industrialist, and even the post-post rush of social media. (How many likes did I get? Am I valued in the world?) To advance into the world we’re creating, we often seem to be stumbling backwards. […]

Freelance Into The Future?2019-01-30T20:08:30+00:00

Reservation For A Nigerian Prince


Ever gotten one of those emails that lets you know your account has been hacked? Maybe it was your email account, and all of your contacts received a quirky email from you unawares, touting the benefits of a particular enhancement drug or the prospects of a Nigerian fortune. Those are pretty common. But how about [...]

Reservation For A Nigerian Prince2018-01-17T08:09:39+00:00

Tied Up And Held For Ransom


If somebody stole to most important artifacts of your life or your business, how much would you pay to get all of that back? And if the price was so low, on a relative scale, that you could minimize the effects of the intrusion, would you act quickly? Chances are, you answered yes to both, [...]

Tied Up And Held For Ransom2017-06-28T21:04:29+00:00

Hacking Ain’t What it Used to Be


Do you remember 1986? The first class was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster rocked our world, and Top Gun was the highest grossing film of the year. That year also brought us the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), a law that many have suggested hasn’t [...]

Hacking Ain’t What it Used to Be2017-06-21T20:58:07+00:00

Who’s Baking Your Cookies?


So you say you’re not a Yahoo user, that the news of their latest breach is no concern of yours. That sound about right? Well, you may be right, but consider also that the exploit used in the latest breach (early February) has far-reaching implications for anyone who takes even the first step onto the [...]

Who’s Baking Your Cookies?2017-05-10T11:17:22+00:00

Passwords and Protection


It’s 2014. Do You Know Where Your Data Is? You have racks of servers and migrate data religiously to the cloud and off-site storage. Your IT staff builds a firewall and posts a guard. Your commitment to network security is unparalleled in the industry. That’s the good news. The bad news? Security is always about [...]

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5 Easy Steps to Creating Complex Passwords that are Easy to Remember but Hard to Hack


Recently, Splash Data released a list of the 25 worst passwords for 2013. It contained all the usual suspects for “so easy to hack as to be utterly useless.” Many people continue live a fantasy life of protection by relying on 1111, 1234, or “password” to secure their most valuable information with a password that a 5th grader could crack in less than 10 seconds. Here's an easy way to create a complex password that is unique to every website or application and dramatically increases your personal security by exponentially increasing the difficulty of hacking your information.

5 Easy Steps to Creating Complex Passwords that are Easy to Remember but Hard to Hack2014-03-05T23:32:39+00:00


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