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Tied Up And Held For Ransom


If somebody stole to most important artifacts of your life or your business, how much would you pay to get all of that back? And if the price was so low, on a relative scale, that you could minimize the effects of the intrusion, would you act quickly? Chances are, you answered yes to both, [...]

Tied Up And Held For Ransom2017-06-28T21:04:29+00:00

Who’s Baking Your Cookies?


So you say you’re not a Yahoo user, that the news of their latest breach is no concern of yours. That sound about right? Well, you may be right, but consider also that the exploit used in the latest breach (early February) has far-reaching implications for anyone who takes even the first step onto the [...]

Who’s Baking Your Cookies?2017-05-10T11:17:22+00:00

How a $5 cup of coffee could cost your company $10,000+ dollars


We’ve all been there. Racing between appointments, suddenly realizing that you forgot to send one of your best clients an important document that needs to arrive within 10 minutes.  Being the super resourceful all-star executive (although sometimes forgetful), you stop off at your local coffee shop, order your mocha latte and quickly connect your laptop [...]

How a $5 cup of coffee could cost your company $10,000+ dollars2014-02-27T15:00:49+00:00


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