Audit and Assessment


Our IT Audit and Assessment services provide you with independent, unbiased assessment of your security program, policies,and controls. This provides your executive leadership and management team with the confidence that your organization is adequately mitigating risk in alignment with business objectives.

ICS utilizes the best tools available in the market and couples these tools with our proprietary software and processes to save our clients time and unnecessary expense. Because ICS serves hundreds of clients every year, you will benefit from our significant investment in industry-leading technologies.


Click the image to view a sample of the industry-leading tools and technologies utilized by ICS.

Click the image to view a sample of the industry-leading tools and technologies utilized by ICS.


Our consultants use some or all of the tools above to deliver the risk management & cyber assessment services such as:

Risk Assessment

Know where you stand with a detailed and comprehensive assessment of your organization’s security posture from ICS. Risk Assessments from ICS include invaluable strategies and recommendations to secure and protect your organization’s information and technology infrastructure. Learn more.

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is an unobtrusive way to identify risks present within your systems. These risks may stem from unpatched or obsolete software, poorly configured systems, and inadequate security protocols. ICS will identify areas that are potentially exploitable by both authorized users and attackers, and guide you through the steps needed to secure those weak areas. Learn more.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test (pen test) takes the vulnerability assessment a step further, as an ICS certified ethical hacker attempts an actual attack on the points of weakness identified in the vulnerability assessment. If the attack is successful, ICS will then assess the impact an actual breach could have on your organization. The pen test will give you a clear understanding of how the weaknesses identified in the vulnerability assessment can undermine your organization. Learn more.

Web Application Assessment

Virtually all organizations today employ web-based applications for sales, marketing, accounting, and other standard business functions. While these applications have many benefits, including online accessibility and enhanced team collaboration, they may also expose your organization to unauthorized access to network resources or sensitive data. A Web Application Assessment will uncover vulnerabilities that exist in web-based applications and provide strategies to maximize your system security. Learn more.

Code Review

ICS is available for code review projects with the goal of identifying security issues and weaknesses in the applications’ coding. We are able to conduct a systematic review of applications, which can include in excess of 1,000,000 lines of code. Learn more.

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