Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, another shark attack rumbles through the public consciousness. Or, what’s worse, a flesh-eating bacteria emerges along the beach. Either way, your summer along the gold coast ain’t what it used to be. And if that wasn’t enough, hackers are working right now trying to penetrate your digital skin.

The threat is real, though. Even those organizations taxpayers hold sacred, the ones we trust with our most sensitive information, are increasingly vulnerable. At least according to a recent SC Magazine article detailing the growing number of security vulnerabilities at the IRS. Yep. That IRS. Even if your sense of the IRS is one of cubicle farms full of frustrated clerks sifting through an endless flow of forms and schedules, the IRS must have a fairly stout digital presence. But this is summer, beach season, when progress should be measured in gin and tonics, not conference calls with IT staff about girding the organizational loin against the barbarians at the gate.

The Best Read Of The Summer
If your digital presence is stout—and, quite frankly, whose isn’t these days—you need a robust team of cybersecurity professionals to keep the bad guys from kicking sand in your face.

Call ICS today. We’re not much of a beach read, but you’ll love the way the story ends in a predictable and safe manner that exceeds your expectations. Sunscreen sold separately.