The Fifth Symphony is one of Beethoven’s most broadly popular works, with its trademark beginning of attention grabbing followed by a series of foreboding elements that remind us that chaos and death lurk ever-present at the door, and yet it is triumphal in its exploration of that theme through the finish. It’s the standard by which many music lovers rate the orchestral experience. Diverse in both volume and musical narrative, the Fifth doesn’t get too far along into the weeds, as is often the case with composers following a theme to its rhetorical conclusion. Beethoven seems to prefer, in this work, to keep the ox out of the ditch and offer only those details that move the process forward through our triumph over the darkness and chaos of mortality.

Composing A Masterpiece

As an IT professional, you could’ve written that score on any given day. You face the chaos daily with a steady hand and a quiver of arrows. You work with a team of technicians that march to their own drum and maybe toot their own horn a bit, but they keep their eyes on the prize.

And speaking of eyes, maybe what you need is a fresh set, an objective look at your digital orchestra to make sure everything’s in tune. ICS is the perfect conductor to lead such an effort, and that’s because we conduct vulnerability assessments and pen tests and exhaustive searches of code to find the kazoo player lurking in your woodwinds section, hiding behind the oboe without the slightest interest in singing your song. We’ll find him.

And let’s remember that Beethoven’s Fifth is a funeral dirge. So call ICS today, and let’s triumph over chaos and darkness together, before that kazoo player writes your eulogy.