Utility companies are tearing up 9th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, fueling the frustration of cabbies and pedestrians alike. The pasta bowl that is the highway system surrounding Atlanta is almost always under construction, locking traffic up around the clock, it seems. Both examples show the impact of interrupting the flow of traffic. As we build and grow our human presence, infrastructure never seems adequate, but we are always hesitant to change or upgrade because we don’t want to interrupt the flow. We close our eyes and cross our fingers.

The Tail Wags the Data

As we build and grow the digital universe, including the Internet of Things that enhance, facilitate, or even regulate our every action from the ether, we often hesitate to interrupt the flow. Data — and our dependence on it — evolves at a blistering pace, unlike the infrastructure we count on to curate and process it. We hold on to equipment, people, and protocols forever, like luggage. What we don’t do is allocate time and resources to make sure we stay near the leading edge of the security infrastructure landscape. We close our eyes and cross our fingers.

That Dog’ll Bite You

Complacence is unwelcome at your organization’s table, but it is especially dangerous for IT and cybersecurity. Complacence increases vulnerability by making infrastructure more predictable to those working patiently in the ether to ruin your day. Complacence increases the chances of spear-phishing and other APTs. It may be sleeping right now, but that dog will bite you.

Your cybersecurity infrastructure is important to you. Let ICS use penetration testing and vulnerability assessment to show you how important it is to us.