There is a heightened national awareness of the pervasive nature of cyberthreats in our world. Just as important, though, is heightened awareness at the local level, in the minds and eyes of the small business and independent government contractor. The risk for them, for you, is just as real if not as heavily funded.

Planning for DEFCON Twelve

Given the right incentive, would make an extra effort to plan for the inevitable. Reports suggest that 2019 will see the cost of data breaches rise to over $2 trillion around the world, with the average cost to each business rising from around $15 million this year to $150 million by 2020. To find the right incentive, just follow the money. That’s what the hackers are doing.

Incident Response Planning

You’ve posted a guard and planted a flag, but still the bad guys breached your fortress. What do you do now? ICS can help you plan for and recover from a breach, to recover the integrity of your data and the trust of your customers properly and swiftly, while minimizing the impact on your organization, your operations, and your staff.

With the right policies and protocols in place, you can mitigate the damage caused by a breach. ICS can help you plan and develop them today, to ease your burden when that tomorrow comes. We’re also with you after the breach to assist you in executing the plans we’ve help you put in place. Call today, because a breach-free tomorrow is promised to no man.