The media is not short on cybersecurity horror stories, from Home Depot getting hammered to big bank back room holdups, all by nefarious hackers working from their parents’ basements. Or so it would seem. Truth is, 80% of all corporate breaches find their root cause in employee negligence, not hackers working alone.

ICS tracks the data generated by the increasing loss of data. You’ve probably seen our numbers, and they are certainly worth another look if you think your organization is bulletproof. It is not. But ours are not the only eyes on this data.

A Second Opinion

Here are some nuggets from a recent study put together by the Ponemon Institute. 43% of companies interviewed had experienced a data breach, and the majority of breaches go unreported. Industry estimates peg the number reported at 15%, so we really don’t see the whole problem. And the price tag for cleanup, averaging $3.5 million per company, is growing at about 15% a year. Feel free to insert some catchy phrase about the 15% coincidence here, but either way it’s the tip of the iceberg. We can’t really see it, but some of us seem to be comfortable walking around in it.

Prevention, By The Ounce

A recent but largely underreported incident revealed a breach through which 70% of South Koreans between the ages of 15 and 65 were left vulnerable. That’s 27 million people. J.P. Morgan’s breach exposed 83 million people. At some point the math simply knocks at your door, through direct or indirect breach, but the Ponemon Study suggests that 27% of companies still don’t have plans in place to protect themselves and their operations.

ICS has the people to help you hold on to your data and the statistics to keep you from becoming one.