Seems almost nostalgic these days, but remember the postcards you filled out when you bought a new stereo or vacuum cleaner? Very often they were used to register your product’s warranty, but the real purpose was to gather data, to mine the purchase for ways to sell you more home appliances or blenders or any of the other products they or their partners sold. The data was limited in most cases to name and address and phone number, but they eventually grew bolder and drilled down into more personal information like household income and purchasing habits. Those were the halcyon days of analog marketing.

The Dating Game Exposed

Today, we provide more information than most can possibly imagine, all in the blink of an eye and the click of a mouse. And the drilling has gotten unimaginably personal, especially in the personal spaces, like dating apps. Threatpost reported the work done by ProPrivacy here, and the depth of the vulnerability reads like salacious pulp fiction. Individual personal data is captured, packaged, and resold to the highest bidder. The nature of the data and the biz make the sites and their customers more vulnerable than most. And here’s the kicker: most of the users are both unaware of the depth of their exposure and/or they are comfortable sharing that information with the services. As the theory goes, the more information is shared, the better the quality of dating opportunities.

Business is a lot like dating. You open up and build relationships, but these days your organization faces more threats than you can reasonably imagine. ICS can help identify your vulnerabilities and keep all your business relationships happy and productive. Call today.