There is post-war, post-modern, post-industrialist, and even the post-post rush of social media. (How many likes did I get? Am I valued in the world?) To advance into the world we’re creating, we often seem to be stumbling backwards. Take freelancing, for example. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, small towns and villages were the very hotbeds of freelancing. There were no corporations, no companies too big to fail, and no organized labor. There was only labor, and one was happy to get the opportunity to provide it. So it is back to the future, it seems, as freelancing emerges as the greatest innovation since the bag phone, or maybe the Members Only jacket.

As it is the wave of the future, lots of companies are riding the nose by developing ways to streamline the integration of freelance labor into corporate cultures and workflow. A recent Fortune Magazine article describes efforts being made by Microsoft and Upwork, but they’re not the only cowboys in this rodeo, all of whom are hoping to stay on the bull for longer than eight seconds. The technology, it seems, is evolving in step with the labor trends.

Are You Free To Be Me?
As great as the technology is, the most essential organizational ingredient remains the human one. People. ICS shepherds good people into challenging and rewarding relationships with clients who work with us because we deliver more than they expect, who like us because they recognize our mission of continuous improvement.

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