Let’s say you’re in the widget business. You studied widgets in college, made Lego widgets as a child, even named your dog Widget. If there’s anything you know a thing or two about, it’s widgets. And you’ve built a great business building widgets. Those in the know call you the Widget King. You’ve put three kids through college on widgets and even bought yourself a little widget bungalow on a coastal island somewhere. You are the man, or the woman!

While you were climbing to the top, though, building your organization from your kitchen table to the board room, you were on a collision course with destiny.

Meet Lars. He’s an amiable fellow, generally. Lives in his mother’s basement outside Oslo, loves to mountain bike and Nordic ski. Also loves to penetrate the firewalls of obscure companies. Not the big names. The mid-size companies that never really get the press. Until they meet Lars. You see, Lars is a hacker, and he found a picture on the internet of the Lego widget you made as a child. He, too, loves Legos.

And he just sold your company’s data on the dark web.

Keep Your Pants On

The Wall Street Journal recently published a piece about the latest job security threat to CEOs: cybersecurity. Folks at the top often soil their britches over breaches, and then they lose their jobs, their reputations and wardrobes tarnished.

ICS can help even the Widget King preserve his realm and his reputation. But we can’t help if you don’t call. You should do that now, before winter sets in and Lars gets bored with Walking Dead reruns and starts to look your way.