The power we wield in a digital world can sometimes make us feel bulletproof, like our organizations can conquer the world. To some extent this is true. We do more in less time, enjoy global connectivity, and open the world to new information and transformation. And then we get hacked and it all begins to look suspicious. In the IT world, maybe it’s just a cost of doing business, a plumbing issue that has to be resolved or a cleanup on aisle nine. It evokes, nevertheless, a visceral response in the victims, even when you know how the mechanisms are deployed and how the man behind the curtain pushes buttons and levers. You never really look at the computer the same way.

Luddite Or Leave It

The natural reaction in your staff and customer base, if your organization has been hacked, is to swing almost to full Luddite, a desire to go back to rotary phones or pony express. And that reaction has to be managed and held in check, because the rest of the world will not take the next digital off ramp just because you let your guard down. And the targets run the gamut, as expressed by a recent Wall Street Journal article about ransomware. Big city, small town, big organization, or one-man shop, the bad guys are out to get you.

Post A Guard

ICS has been a part of the growing cybersecurity community for a long time, but we hesitate to say that we’ve seen it all. Each day brings new challenges, new exploits deployed across presumably safe networks like yours. Maybe it’s time to get a fresh set of friendly eyes on that network, before a bad set takes a peak. Call today.