It’s Thursday afternoon, and the weather is wreaking havoc across the Northeast and Midwest. But you’ve got to get to Cincinnati to take a key client to dinner, to pitch a deal that will make your year and set you on the course to fiscal independence and occupational fame. But the line at the counter is twenty deep, and the wait time on the phone is 90 minutes. And here you stand.

What if you could access a terminal through your laptop. Would that help? Assuming, of course, that you could change your flight schedule and be on your way, would such access be worth paying for? What if it cost you $10. That’s right. $10.

Security Week is reporting that McAfee discovered RDP access to just such a terminal on the Dark Web for just such a price. Forget that you probably couldn’t make your own travel arrangements, and forget that your client is probably sitting at the bar right now waiting on you. Consider the chaos that could be unleashed for the nominal sum of $10. Sure, you’re not motivated to perpetrate such ill, but others have proven to be.

Stop The World, I Want To Get Off

If you are tempted to ask when all the madness will end, the answer is cleverly hidden in the bottom of a Maker’s Mark bottle. Search for it. In lieu of such an answer, your best bet is vigilance. And ICS can welcome you to the front of the line on that one.

So call your client at the bar and tell him about the unpredictable weather. And then call ICS, and let’s get to work on the many things we can control.