Back in the day, there was an offbeat Broadway show about an imaginary rabbit that occupied the house and lives of good people. It just sort of seeped in, like a rising tide, from the basement. That rabbit’s name was Harvey, and he was seen only by those who really wanted or needed to see him.

The latest staging of Harvey is anything but imaginary, and he has put on quite a show, pummeling the states of Texas and Louisiana, and even coming back for an encore. The devastation is epic, likely record breaking in many ways, and sure to require an ongoing recovery effort for years to come. The images of boats navigating the neighborhood streets and residents taking shelter in rooftop tents are reminiscent of Katrina and Ruth and Sandy and other hurricanes that have wrought chaos through the years.

Floodplains And Different Planes

Experts are suggesting that climate change and urban development have rendered the old standards for floodplains irrelevant. The old benchmarks of 100- and 500-year floods have proven to be false security. There have been three 500-year floods in Houston in the last 30 years alone. And those benchmarks are used by flood insurance underwriters. Current projections suggest that 80% of affected homeowners do not have flood insurance. They weren’t in the floodplain. Until now.

Prepare For The Worst And Hope For The Best

Imagine your staff climbing onto an airboat from the second-floor window, server in one hand and Rolodex in the other, trying to save your business from the rising water sweeping through the office below. Now imagine your staff helping the recovery efforts of your community in full knowledge and confidence that your data and operations are safe because you prepared for the worst.

Let ICS make that your reality, before the unimaginable happens. Again.